1. Faster Payments and Increased Return on Investment (ROI).  We deliver results! Our typical client sees a 10% increase in receipts during the first year of working with our billing team, which more than offsets the fee that we charge. Practices also see benefits in other less obvious areas, such as less stress, freed up office space, and a shift in focus back to the patient.
  2. Work with a Team of Experts.  ‚ÄčOur billers work in teams to increase the profitability of your practice. We scrub your charges for accuracy so that your claims get paid on the first pass. We post your insurance payments and coordinate claims from medical to vision so that you get the greatest legal reimbursement with the least amount of cost to your patients. Finally, we work all of your unpaid insurance claims on a daily basis so that you never lose a claim to timely filing limits.
  3. Reduce Stress and Take Control.  When you partner with us, you gain a better understanding of your numbers and feel more in control of your process. Clients enjoy the ability to get in-depth analysis of their practice by seeing their Key Metrics and how they change over time, and being able to then ask questions and trade ideas over how to improve their practice efficiency and profitability.

Here are several reasons why outsourcing your billing will improve your practice and your bottom line:

Benefits of outsourcing your billing