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Having an in-house biller is great, up until the point they want to take vacation or they get hit with an illness that takes them out of the office for a week or more. At OPS, we work in teams, so that every account has a primary biller and a backup biller. This strategy assures that your billing never falls behind. And that means your cash flow never slows down.

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Our billing team β€‹is comprised of certified coders and technicians, and reimbursement specialists. Each team member attends monthly continuing educational events, so that they are on top of all the changes in the health-care and insurance world. 

Optometric Provider Solutions is a provider of billing and management consulting services to optometry and ophthalmology practices. Our services help providers get back to the business of patient care, rather than worrying whether their claims are being paid. We operate in teams and know the ins-and-outs of the complicated world of billing medical and vision claims.​

OPS is operated by John P Newman, who is an AOA Certified ParaOptometric Coder (CPOC). John manages a team of certified billers who understand the complexities of medical and vision billing. John brings a unique background to OPS. After receiving his degree from the United States Military Academy, he then served as an officer in the US Army for eight years. This experience helps John manage his team sucessfully, as well as provide valuable insight into how clients can build teams that fulfill their company mission, while exceeding patient expectations. 

OPS is a subsidiary of Morlock-Noren, LLC, a medical billing and compliance management company.